Super easy, extremely delicious

Do you have a unexpected visitors and wonder what to prepare for them? You do not have a time anymore so you need something quick, easy and good looking.

This recipe is exactly what are you looking for…. Continue reading “Super easy, extremely delicious”


Women wait for proposal, men take the action


It is about polygamy. What is your opinion about man who has more wives? Is it despicable, condemning or admirable? It is not easy to answer by one sentence at all. It is a really complicated topic and in today’s article we will try to look in depth of this problem Continue reading “Women wait for proposal, men take the action”

Happy new year

I think that on this day, everybody thinks about what his year was, what he did or missed, what wounds and trials he suffered and what he had experienced. We also usually give ourselves a new resolve that we strive with great zeal to fulfill it  at least at the beginning of the year. We buy new calendars and start making scraps and planning another year. Continue reading “Happy new year”

Christmas Eve

Well, when exactly will this evening begin? With The first Star! When the first star appears in the sky, the family will sit together to a big and beautifully decorated table and start the dinner.But even before, if a person held a fasting all this day, he would see a golden piggy just before this gala dinner. Sounds like a fairy tale, is not it? And indeed it is … this evening is nothing but adherence to the traditions of Christians. Continue reading “Christmas Eve”