It is a WINTER ! Turn off Tv – Be ACTIVE

Finally there is snow. I really have not seen the snow for about 5 years. Actually, since I moved to Egypt. And it was the only thing I missed from Europe. Well, Yupiii, I was not lazy this year. Even though there was no snow in the town, it was a bit too much in the mountains. So I went for the snow to the mountains. And it simply fabulous.
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Hello Africa, I am coming …

I got really terrible news. One of the worst in my life ! Believe me or not but it is about chocolate. Chocolate – Do you know something better than this? This awesome taste and luxury look makes crazy million and million people worldwide. I am not different. Chocolate is one of the 5 reasons why I like to live. Honestly I think without chocolate my life will not be the same…. Continue reading “Hello Africa, I am coming …”

Women wait for proposal, men take the action


It is about polygamy. What is your opinion about man who has more wives? Is it despicable, condemning or admirable? It is not easy to answer by one sentence at all. It is a really complicated topic and in today’s article we will try to look in depth of this problem Continue reading “Women wait for proposal, men take the action”