Unstable boy wrote identical reality


But because the facts is all over the Internet, I will tell it to you on my own way . I’ll put you in a story that will fascinate you and freeze your skin. It is important that at final, you make your own opinion about it. So listen carefully, the story starts… Continue reading “Unstable boy wrote identical reality”


Women wait for proposal, men take the action


It is about polygamy. What is your opinion about man who has more wives? Is it despicable, condemning or admirable? It is not easy to answer by one sentence at all. It is a really complicated topic and in today’s article we will try to look in depth of this problem Continue reading “Women wait for proposal, men take the action”

Egyptians does not pay the rent in sublease

One late evening my husband received a phone call from his oldest sister. With the words: “Do you want a new apartment ?” Her words made us quite shocked because we already had our apartment, but his sister was quite insistent.

She explained to us that this apartment is in a much better place, more beautiful and far larger. So she agreed with my husband that we will go see the apartment and then decide.

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Real Life or Utopia?

One cannot influence to which environment is born and since babyhood is grown up in line with religious beliefs of family or national`s ideologies.

Before person is adult, he already is so affected that he thinks the only right conviction is “what his family or surroundings believe in”

But person will meet with other different people in his adulthood and then begin to critically review their own life conviction. Continue reading “Real Life or Utopia?”